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Dr. Aspher Madziyire Speaking at R.O.G. on Oct. 1st

Dr. Aspher Madziyire  Speaking at R.O.G. on Oct. 1st

Dr. Aspher Madziyire graduated from Living Waters Theological Seminary in 1987, soon after graduation he served his probationary and assessment period under the then Overseer for Matabeleland Province Dr. Enos Manyika, he was then send off to a multi-racial church in an area called North End in Bulawayo where he rose to be the senior Pastor.

He was elected to be an Overseer of the Bulawayo Province He was elected President of AFM in Zimbabwe in 2003. He is a Chairman of the Council of thirty-one Overseers in Zimbabwe which is called The Apostolic Council and the National Workers Council. He was appointed the Deputy President of AFM International in April 2016. He is currently serving his fourth term as church President and is the longest serving president-elect in the 100th year history of the church since its establishment in Zimbabwe in 1915. He acquired a PHD – Upper second class at Calvary University, United Kingdom in 2011, a Masters in Theology from Visions University in 2004 and a BA Theology from Living Waters Theological Seminary from Harare Zimbabwe in 2003.

He is currently serving as AFMI Deputy President. From 2003 to date he is the President of AFM in Zimbabwe. From 2002 to 2008 he was a Church Overseer at AFM in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo. He became a Provincial Secretary of AFM in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo in 1997 to 2002.He was a pastor of AFM in Zimbabwe, North end Assembly, Bulawayo from 1988 until 2002. From 2002-present he is still a Pastor of AFM in Zimbabwe, Grace City Centre Assembly, Bulawayo at International Christian denomination.

He is married to Josephine and they have five children.

Posted: 9/21/2017

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