River Explained-Blue

God's Vision for River of God Church

How We Started

The River of God Church was formed in the spring of 1999 and held its first worship service on Memorial Day.

Over the next several years, space was rented in Cummings Elementary School and the Grandville Conference Center before moving into the current building in January 2004. We see the vision God gave us from Jeremiah 23:1-4 coming to pass. God’s children are becoming fruitful releasers of life, thriving in a loving environment free of fear, dismay, and lack.

Our Service & Worship

Children of all ages are welcome to join us for about 30 minutes of our worship time, and then they are dismissed to their Sunday School classes. Nursery is available, as well as a Nursing Mother’s Room.

Our worship service is best described by one word: “Diverse.”

You will see people sitting and standing. Hands raised or lowered and resting. The songs may be upbeat and loud, or slow and soft. There may be words of prophecy spoken or complete silence.

Some people wear jeans, some wear shorts and some wear dresses.  Most wear smiles, although tears are not uncommon, and also fit with an environment that welcomes you, whatever stage of life or belief you may be at.

We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you find the River of God a friendly, loving place where we can grow together in our knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Events