Local Ministries

United in Christ Ministries and the Motion Initiative.

United In Christ Ministries

United In Christ Ministries’ sole purpose is to Glorify God by being obedient to the vision that He through the Holy Spirit has placed in our hearts.

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Alliance International Ministries

Alliance International Ministries (AIM)

AIM is a team of teams, an alliance of peers who serve related churches and ministries. We are responding to the mission given to us by our Lord Jesus at His ascension, seeking to follow the pattern developed in the New Testament.

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Byron Community Ministries

Byron Community Ministries

Byron Community Ministries is an outreach of 19 sponsoring and supporting churches. It is committed to serving the needs of disadvantaged, lower economic, in-need, at-risk, and senior persons in the wider Byron area, without preference, in the name of Christ.

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Terry and Linda King [LDR]

Pregnancy Resource Center

Jim Sprague



Terry and Linda King [LDR]

Leadership Development Resources (LCR)

Terry and Linda King


John Dean of Elijah International Ministries

Elijah International Ministries

John Dean


Jason and Adina Helmholdt with TWR

TWR in Bonaire

Jason and Adina Helmholdt


John Dean of Elijah International Ministries

Grace Without Walls

Kathy Robbert


Vital Connections

Craig and Teresa Pippel