Junior Bible Quiz


The goal of Junior Bible Quiz is to plant the Word of God deep in the hearts of children, helping them grow close to God.  The Bible Fact-Pak is a teaching tool to help children learn, understand, and apply important truths in the Bible.  It includes 576 questions and answers drawn from the Bible.  Some of the questions provide background about the Bible and its contents.  Other questions explore the teachings and doctrine within the Bible.  All of the questions together give children a solid basis for a strong and lasting relationship with God.  


In JBQ, teams from churches in the area compete against each other to buzz in first and correctly answer questions.  Junior Bible Quiz helps get children excited about the Bible and study it diligently.   Quizzers not only gain a better understanding of God's Word, they make lasting friendships and have a lot of fun! 

Practices are held after Sunday morning services for about an hour.