Men's Ministries

Saturday morning Men's Meeting is on hiatus until Fall 2018.

Men’s Ministry Info for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

We take an active role in ministering to the men of the church. So we are always looking for good tools to put in the tool box for everyday life. Over the past several years we have looked for gems in Wild at Heart and expanded our journeys to several years’ study in Men's Fraternity materials and last year covered the book Red Sea Rules. We have had some great interaction and openness in conversation of our own lives.

Now, we are studying “Ten Men of the Bible” by Max Lucado. How God Used Imperfect People to Change the World! Between Scripture and the book, Max Lucado really has you thinking of your foundation of belief and your perception of what we really think of the men's lives compared to ours. It is a challenge, in-depth study of ten men. 
We covered these 5 guys over the past year:
Noah: Hope When the Floodwaters Rise (Where we are currently)
Job: God’s Presence in the Storm
Jacob: Wrestling with the Past
Moses: A Glimpse of God’s Glory
David: Giant Problems and Collapses

Join us starting in September 2017, to cover the next 5 guys:
Joseph: Shaky Limbs and Unanswered Questions
Matthew: Redefining God’s Family
Lazarus: The Final Witness
Peter: Gospel of the Second Chance
Paul: Never Too Far Gone for a Turnaround

As the Men’s Ministry Leader I believe it’s going to be one of our best study’s! BECAUSE, We are SLOWING down, 
and really challenging ourselves to get the treasures God can reveal to us about our lives through scripture and 
these men’s stories. We all have a story. We have great fellowship and interaction and discussion. 
Come join us and intertwine your story with ours.

We meet at 8 AM in the fellowship room till 9:30. 
It just keeps getting better. The impact Joseph had with Mary and for the Kingdom and Mankind was very rich.  
All the sessions looked at the early years a Man/dDad can have on his children and his wife and with a mighty God!
Now we're getting into Matthew's life, why did Jesus pick Matthew, why does he pick us?  
Well come on by and hear and share with us, you are more than welcome!

Any questions, give me a call. Blessings,
John Scafe
616-291-3429 or leave a message at the church.