ROLES Groups

R.O.L.E.S. stands for Releasers of Life Empowering Servants

R.O.L.E.S. Groups
Releasers of Life Empowering Servants

R.O.L.E.S. is a small group ministry of River of God Church. R.O.L.E.S allows people to be creative and innovative in finding and/or exercising their R.O.L.E.S. in the body of Christ. The number of people in each group is not limited, but left to the ability of the leader and the interest of the people. R.O.L.E.S. groups will consist of a common interest, task or stage of life, etc. R.O.L.E.S. groups will meet on their respective days, times and places.


  • Home Group meeting on Sunday evenings bi-weekly. Call Chad Stoike (616.218.3223)
  • Youth Band Practice Noon-1pm bi-weekly. Leading the worship service approximately 4 times a year. See Joelle Davis (616.929.3771)
  • Young Adults Aaron and Sarah Walters (616.558.6282)